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Afro-Dance Lesson

2:00pm – 3:00pm


For these classes, it is advised to wear loose fitting clothes and comfortable trainers. Your dance instructor is Kel.

The pulsating rhythm of jazz funk and Highlife fusion will bring many a dead-feet tapping. It is almost IMPOSSIBLE to sit still when the music infuses the air and tucks at your heart string. You know you need to dance… but hmmm you’re not sure how. Then come along to our friendly classes that are designed for everyone. Even if you are an experienced dancer or a beginner, we are accommodating all skills and abilities.

Got a wedding to go to? Need to wow your guests with your latest dance moves? Let us help you! Weddings have become a REAL celebration; a place of joy and ENTERTAINMENT for the guests. The Bride and groom as well as in-laws and wedding parties are expected to show off their dance skills whilst the audience cheers them on.

It’s so much fun for the WHOLE family so get involved in a modern African cultured dance… TOGETHER!

Did you know?

Afro-dance is the BEST music in town, developed in West Africa, by Africans, from 1960 to this day, and continues to enrich the world of music.

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