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Art ClassesJuly 26, 2022

Art Competition – July 2022

This year's art competition at KLC was a huge success. We had a wide range of entries from paintings to drawings. The judges had a difficult time choosing a winner. However, after much deliberation, they finally announced the result. Find out who won below. We wish to thank all the children and grown-ups who helped them to participate and hope that they continue to create magnificent art work now and in the future.
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Art Competition – July 2022 Entries

Entry Submitted By: Nyla Ebenezer

Nyla Ebenezer Art Work
Nyla Ebenezer Art Work

Hello, my name is Nyla, my art is inspired by the Ananse(Spider) and the shapes are not just shapes, they represent the following:

adin med

This adinka symbol means greatness, leadership, and charisma.

asas med

This symbol represents the providence and divinity of mother earth, and last but not least,

anan med

Ananse Ntotan means: Wisdom, creativity, and the complexities of life.


From: Nyla Ebenezer

Entry Submitted By: Avanu Richard

Avanu Richard Art Work
Avanu Richard Art Work

My name is Avanu Richard, I am 11 years in primary 2. The name of my school is Pediatorkope Basic School. I like arts because is beautiful. I feels happy when I am drawing, and it makes me focus and learn well

Entry Submitted By: Sadiq Torkornyoh

Sadiq Torkornyoh Art Work
Sadiq Torkornyoh Art Work

My name is Sadiq Torkornyoh, I am 8 years old in primary 2. The name of my school is Pediatorkope Basic School. I like to draw because I like to see pictures of animals and my friends. My mother is happy with me because I like drawing her and put in our room