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  • Year 1

    year 1

    Just have fun!
    Stories, addition and subtraction, Land development, materials and more
    Coming Soon
  • year 2

    year 2

    You know what to do!
    Times tables, Plants, Magical story, Transport and more…
    Coming Soon
  • year 3

    year 3

    Let’s observe to see!
    Fractions, Letter writing, Confidence, Skeleton and more…
    Coming Soon
  • year 4

    year 4

    We’re learning more!
    Translation, Fractions, Classification, Volcanoes, Picasso art, Benin Kingdom and more…
    Coming Soon
  • year 5

    year 5

    Where we thrive!
    Design and make a badge, Space and planets, information text and more …
    Coming Soon
  • year 6

    year 6

    We’ve got this!
    Algebra, Great Zimbabwe Kingdom, Newspaper articles, African art patterns and more…
    Coming Soon